Preview of Life at the Top - Introduction
What I’ve done in these pages is a kind of self-psychoanalysis. I’ve sat down with myself on a dozen rare occasions when no one else was in the house, sometimes with a glass of insanely expensive single malt, and taken inventory…

…of what? Of every bump and bruise I suffered along the way, as well as every day in which I owned the world by bringing home a bigger success than I’d ever dreamed possible. The single malt helped relieve the relived pain of the bumps, and became really tasty as I relived my Own-the-World Days.

I wrote each one down and put the pad away for several months. (I’m not a heavy drinker.) When I took it out again, I put every item through a series of filters: a BS filter, for sure, then a universal truth filter (just because it worked for me doesn’t make it Holy Writ!) and a predictability filter (it has worked rain or shine, winter and summer, Monday through Friday.)

Finally, I pulled the boundaries in tight. This book is written specifically for people who sell advertising on radio. Sure, a lot of what’s here applies elsewhere as well, but I wanted to bump up the relevance of every one of the thirty-two treasures for a select audience of sales professionals whose challenges I know from personal experience.

The items that made it through these filters are here on these pages. Some are action steps for you to take. Some are things for you to know before you get face to face with a client. A few are just things to read and remember because they’ll help you add muscle to your sales punch.

Why am I offering you these treasures of the only school that really matters? (The Harvard/Yale/Oxford University of Experience, don’t you know?) To make another few million dollars, of course (lol).

The TV stations I owned were WB stations and I served on the Executive Board for a couple years. TV was just OK and great for promoting my radio stations but too time consuming and not nearly as much fun or profitable as Radio. And the newspaper was only good for wrapping up fish. No wonder they're Dead! Glad I got out when I did.

Actually, I’m offering them to you because I respect and even admire every man, woman, and child who embarks on a sales career, especially in radio. Sales people make commerce happen. Not scientists, not doctors, not engineers, and certainly not attorneys or accountants. Sales people put themselves out there on the pavement every day in a way that requires courage, belief, skill, and an enormous willingness to take the bruises and keep going. I believe in every one of you, and because these little nuggets can help you succeed, I believe utterly that sharing them is a good thing. I want you to enjoy the confidence, the security, the comfort, and the simple joy of LIFE AT THE TOP of your profession.

Oh, and you’ll notice I didn’t number them. I didn’t want anyone to leap to wrong assumptions (are there any right ones?) about No.1 being more important than No.13 or No.29 being less important than No.5. They’re all important, more on some days or with some clients than others, but they’re all important!

So buy the book at no risk, enjoy, and climb that ladder to The Top!
A few of the many topics that are covered in the book . . .

    +   Why Advertising Fails!

    +   Perception is Reality!

    +   Rapport

    +   Ideas

    +   Live Remotes

    +   Understanding the Word “NO.”

    +   Sell out of the BOX

    +   Spec Spots

    +   and a whole lot more...

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